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Are You Wasting Water?

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Water wastage is a common thing, which is the primary reason of the current shortage of water resources. In order to conserve water, it is recommended to use advanced water treatment technology for domestic water treatment and sewage treatment. But this is only one method, the most important thing is to save water and protect our water resources.


Each person who makes an effort to save water helps maintain groundwater supplies, reduce the amount of energy needed for water treatment and transportation, and by doing this, they can also save some money.


There are many easy steps you can take to save water at home, and a good way to start this is to make check if there is any leaks at your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, household leaks account for more than 900 billion gallons waste water each year. These water can supply the annual water needs of 11 million homes. Beyond leaks, there are other obvious ways that you're probably wasting water every day. Take a look at your house and your routine to see if you're guilty of any of these common water-wasting offenses.



1. Using Your Toilet As a Trash Can

Representing almost a third of a household’s total indoor consumption, toilets are the biggest water use source in your home. Every time you flush a facial tissue or feminine product, you waste five to seven gallons of water, not to mention flushing something other than human waste and toilet paper. And flushing these things is bad for your pipes and drains.



2. Taking Baths and Long Showers

The average American uses 17.2 gallons of water for shower and usually it lasts up to 8 minutes, which means we are wasting a lot of water.


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3. Leaky Pipes

The US News reports that an average household can leak more than 10,000 gallons of water per year.  It’s important to keep an eye out for leaks around your toilet, faucets, hoses, and any other plumbing fixture that you often use.



4. Overwatering Your Lawn

During the summertime, it’s best to water your lawn in the morning (5-10am) because the air is cooler and water evaporates slower.  Additionally, water your lawn twice a week is usually enough.



5. Running the Water While Brushing Your Teeth

If you have the habit of running the water when you’re brushing your teeth, simply remind yourself to turn it off. 


6. Conventional Toilets

If you have an older toilet, it could be using up to 2 gallons more water than a newer low flush or high efficiency toilet.



7. Washing Dishes with Running Water 

Instead of washing dishes with running water, fill up your sink with soapy water and soak the dish. After soaking for a few minutes, you can wash the dishes in the sink.

Reminding ourselves to save water frequently can reduce our water waste. However, because people’s lives are inseparable from water, there is no doubt that domestic water and sewage will still be produced. Applying suitable water treatment technology can improve water utilization. Among water treatment technologies, the best one is ozone water treatment technology.


Nicoler is committed to providing you with high-efficiency water purification systems, ozone water sterilizers and ozone water purifiers to improve the utilization of water resources, so that we can have more sufficient water resources.

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