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Applications of Ozone Water in Daily Life (1)

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The word "ozone" is widely known as the "atmospheric protective layer". In people's concepts, ozone is an "atmospheric protective layer" to isolate ultraviolet rays. In fact, ozone is more and more widely used as a disinfection medium. The ozone can be dissolved in water to form the so-called "ozone water" through ozone generators. Some developed countries in Europe and America carry out ozone water treatment to gain healthier ozone water, and call it as "universal water". Its sterilization speed is many times faster than chlorine. Today we will mainly introduce the application of ozone water in daily life.



1. Sterilization

Studies have shown that ozone is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, and rapid bactericide, which can quickly kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms that make humans and animals sick. Ozone is a very oxidizing substance, and its redox potential is second only to F2. With its oxidizing properties, it can destroy the biological structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in a relatively short time, making them lose their viability. There are many items that use oxidizing properties to kill microorganisms to achieve sterilization effects, such as common chlorine, bleaching powder, potassium permanganate and so on. However, these fungicides are not only slower in reaction than ozone sterilization, but also are harmful to the human body. Ozone is different from general bactericides because excess ozone can be quickly decomposed into oxygen, and oxygen is beneficial and harmless to the human body. The sterilizing effect of ozone is equivalent to that of oxyacetic acid, stronger than formaldehyde, and twice as effective as chlorine. Different from the progressive and cumulative sterilization function of general fungicides, the sterilization effect of ozone is rapid. When its concentration exceeds a certain threshold, the disinfection and sterilization can even be completed instantly. The increase in humidity and the decrease in temperature can enhance the disinfection effect of ozone. When ozone is dissolved in water, it has a stronger and faster disinfection effect. The use of ozone for sterilization and disinfection has no secondary pollution, and leave no harmful substances in the treated water, air, food, appliances, etc., which is also an advantage that other fungicides do not have.



2. Detoxification

Ozone can effectively remove toxic gases such as CO, NO, SO2, mustard gas, etc. through oxidation reaction. Ozone dissolved in water can be oxidized and decomposed to effectively remove toxic substances in water such as heavy metal ions, organic poisons, cyanides, sulfides, and pesticides. The use of ozone in water disinfection can greatly reduce organic carcinogens such as halogenated hydrocarbons in tap water.


stinky fish

3. Anti-rot and Freshness Preservation

Because of its strong killing effect on bacteria and microorganisms, the treatment of fish and other foods with ozone water can achieve the effects of antiseptic, elimination of peculiar smell, and freshness preservation. When ozone is generated, it can also produce a large amount of negative ion oxygen. Some negative ions in the air can effectively inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables and delay their metabolic process. At the same time, ozone can kill pathogenic bacteria that cause the rot of fruits and vegetables, and decompose the metabolic wastes such as ethylene, alcohols, aldehydes, aromatics, etc., which are produced during the storage of fruits and vegetables. In this way, under the action of ozone and negative ions, the metabolism of fruits and vegetables and the growth and spread of microbial pathogens are inhibited, thereby delaying subsequent maturity and senescence, preventing their decay and deterioration, and achieving the effect of preservation. Studies have shown that ozone can extend the storage period of food, beverages, fruits and vegetables by 3 to 10 times.


4. Disinfection and Detoxification of Drinking Water

Water can spread infectious diseases. According to surveys, 50% of diseases in rural areas are caused by drinking water pollution. Regrettably, with the development of economy and science and technology, the quality of drinking water has not been improved satisfactorily. In big cities, even though the tap water goes through a series of filtration and purification before it leaves the factory, the long water supply pipelines and the storage of water tanks in high-rise buildings can easily cause secondary pollution and cause the content of bacteria and various harmful substances to exceed the standard. In addition, related studies have shown that tap water treated with chlorine contains various carcinogens such as chloroform and halogenated organic compounds. The use of water purifiers is not sanitary and safe. Because of the long-term accumulation of water in the water purifier, bacteria grow in the water outlet pipe. When the temperature is suitable, algae will sometimes grow in the water purifier, and some algae toxins are a strong carcinogen.

Treating drinking water with ozone can eliminate all the above-mentioned hazards and enable people to drink truly clean and safe water. Because the ozone in the water can not only kill all germs and other microorganisms, but also effectively remove organic poisons in the water. At the same time, it will not produce halogenated hydrocarbons produced by chlorine disinfection, thus completely cutting off the path of transmitting viruses through drinking water. Therefore, it is very important to have an ozone water purifier or ozone water disinfectant.


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