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Application of Ozone in Hotel Disinfection

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According to the survey, there are many problems that are difficult to be solved by conventional methods in the aspects of environmental health, food preservation and so on in the hotel industry and catering service industry. Because these buildings are basically closed or semi closed, and the mobility of guests is large, even if many hotels want to provide a clean and comfortable environment for guests, it is difficult to find appropriate solutions.



Disadvantages of Traditional Disinfection Methods

At present, the hotel generally adopts the traditional sterilization methods, mainly two kinds: one is ultraviolet sterilization, the other is chemical reagent sterilization. These methods have been used for many years, and their reliability has been confirmed by long-term practice. But these two traditional sterilization methods have their own defects.


The main problem of ultraviolet sterilization is that the penetration ability of UV is weak. In places where ultraviolet radiation is not available, there may still be a large number of bacteria breeding. Moreover, its bactericidal ability decreases with the increase of using time. The ultraviolet lamp has a short life and needs to be replaced frequently, so the operation cost is high. 


There are also many defects in the use of chemical reagents for sterilization. If formaldehyde is used to disinfect the room, it will take a lot of time, and formaldehyde will remain in the room, causing secondary pollution to the room. Formaldehyde is a kind of substance with serious harm to human body, so it is necessary to clean up the residual formaldehyde in the room after the completion of formaldehyde disinfection, which is very troublesome.


In order to solve the problems of traditional disinfection methods, a new disinfection method has become popular, that is ozone disinfection.




Advantages of Ozone Disinfection

The germicidal ability of ozone is higher than that of formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, potassium permanganate and other disinfectants. After disinfection, the remaining ozone will decompose into oxygen, which will not remain in the room, so it will not cause secondary pollution to the room, which is incomparable with any chemical disinfectant. 


Ozone can spread evenly in the room, and penetrate into all parts of the room, so ozone disinfection can kill some bacteria in the dead corner, which is impossible for ultraviolet disinfection. In addition, ozone disinfection efficiency is very high. The ultraviolet disinfection takes a long time to achieve the disinfection effect. If the irradiation time of ultraviolet is short, its disinfection effect will become very poor. 


When the air humidity is more than 60%, the disinfection ability of ultraviolet will be significantly reduced. When the air humidity is more than 80%, the ultraviolet will have the potential to grow bacteria. However, ozone can achieve better disinfection effect in high humidity environment. This is because in the high humidity environment, the bacterial cell membrane will expand and thin, and its tissue is easily destroyed by ozone. Therefore, ozone is very suitable for disinfecting some environments with high air humidity.


Ozone can also be used to disinfect domestic water. Managers of the hotel can buy ozone water purifier or ozone water filter to disinfect the water in the hotel and give the guests a more comfortable living environment.

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