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Advantages and Functions of Ozone Disinfection

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Ozone is a miracle of nature. In the upper atmosphere, ozone protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. In real life, ozone purifies the air we breathe ozone air purifier, the water we drink by ozone best water filter for home and the food we eat. Ozone disinfection has the characteristics of high efficiency and versatility, no residual pollution, green and clean, convenient, economical and environmental protection.



1)High efficiency and versatility


Ozone sterilization takes air as the medium and does not need any other auxiliary materials and additives. Therefore, it can completely sterilize and has strong functions of removing mildew, fishy smell, deodorization, etc.



2) Green and Clean


Ozone can decompose rapidly during disinfection and has strong oxidation effect. After 30min, they can combine with each other to generate oxygen molecules without any residue, thus eliminating the secondary pollution caused by other disinfectant disinfection methods and saving the cleaning work after disinfection.



3)Convenient and Fast


Ozone sterilizer such as Ozone water sterilizer is usually placed in the space that must be sterilized. Its timer sets the starting time and action time of each day, which is very convenient to operate and use.



4)Economic and Environmental Protection


Compared with other disinfection methods, ozone disinfection has the advantages of low operation cost, high economic and social benefits. When environmental protection issues are concerned by the whole people now, ozone disinfection has the characteristics of no pollution, which is really valuable and can be described as a green environmental protection disinfectant.


At present, ozone is widely used in water quality disinfection. Compared with such large-scale concepts as ozone disinfection, ozone water purifier will have the following additional specific advantages.



1Ozone water natural antibacterial agent


Compared with ordinary soap, ozone water is more effective in washing hands. Soap removes bacteria by making the dirt and oil on the surface smooth enough to be rubbed and washed away, the water treated by ozone water filter can eliminate bacteria. Moreover, antibacterial soap is the cause of the growing problem of drug-resistant bacteria.



2)Clean floor


Water flowing from ozone water disinfector can be sprayed directly onto the floor or poured onto a mop to clean the floor. Even on the smoothest floor, it can keep clean for a longer time and has low sliding risk.



3)Save hot water consumption


Generally, the laundry temperature ranges from 60 to 75 degrees Celsius. Ozone disinfection only requires cold water, so the reduction of hot water consumption will save your hot water costs and at the same time will less damage your clothes.


Are you dreaming washing your clothes with a little or without detergent? Do you worry your foods such as vegetables, fruit, fish and meat are with bacteria, germs and insecticides? Now, you don't need to worry anymore and achieve your dream just by opening the water tap. Using ozone activated water purifier in the laundry and kitchen, you can remove most of the unwanted substances in the water.

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