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8 Astonishing Ways to Recycle Water at Home

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Water is clearly a precious natural resource. However, water pollution and scarcity are becoming more and more serious. Therefore, we need to conserve the water, which can be done through recycling. Recycling water will also help protect the environment and ease the tension on water supply. This article mainly introduces ways to recycle water at home.



1. Use a Bowl to Rinse Fruits and Vegetables

Instead of letting the water flow freely while washing fruits or veggies in the kitchen, you can save water by rinsing them in a bowl. The used water can later be used to flush the toilet and water the plants.


2. Recycle Aquarium Water

The water in fish tanks contains substances that acts as natural fertilizers, so when you clean your aquariums, use the dirty water to water indoor plants.



3. Reuse Soapy Water from Washing Your Car

Usually, soap and water do not harm shrubs and meadows. Therefore, a person can wash the car near the grass and shrubs. When washing cars, water flows to the ground that will be absorbed into nearby plants.


4. Install a Grey Water Recycling System

Grey water is a kind of used water, but it is recyclable due to its less degree of pollution. This system automatically collects and treats excess water from your house, which would otherwise be discharged into the drain and reused. However, the setup requires maintenance and should be thoroughly understood before installation.



5. Collect Extra Water After Watering Plants

The water that overflows from the drainage holes in potted plants can be reused to water larger plants if one puts a container under the pot and collects the run-off.


73-2-domestic water treatment

6. Use Buckets Instead Of Showers

Buckets should be used in the shower, as this will save a lot of water. In this case, when a person decides to use a shower when the water is heated, he can use buckets to collect water. This collected water can be used to clean bathrooms, toilets and even floors. When they take a shower, they use about 7 to 10 gallons of water, some of which is lost in the drain. Excess water can also be used to wash the lawn or grass.



7. Recycle Water Used for Washing Clothes

Water used for washing clothes can be collected to clean floor, toilets, bathrooms, and even to clean the hallway. In addition, it can be used to  water herbs, shrubs or other plants in the building or in the garden.



8. Recycle Water Used in Kitchen for Washing Hands

When preparing food in the kitchen, the water used to wash the hands can be reused. Although the water may be dirty, it can be used to clean floors, toilets or even bathrooms.


In order to better recycle water, you can install a set of water treatment system, which can help you to carry out domestic water treatment. You can also install some simple water treatment devices, such as ozone best water filters for home, ozone water purifiers, etc.


To protect our mother earth and to promise a better future for our descendants, we should recycle water. Choosing the right commercial reverse osmosis systems, industrial waste water treatment systems, home water filtration systems can help us better do water treatment, reuse waste water, and improve our resource utilization

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