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7 Things You Must NEVER Do with Ozone

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We are all familiar with the ozone layer, which is the protective layer covering the earth and can protect us from the harmful ultraviolet rays. So what is ozone exactly? What is its relationship with the odors in your home?


Ozone is an irritating gas. The interaction of the sun's ultraviolet rays and oxygen molecules leads to the production of ozone. Although it has a pungent smell, it has the ability to purify air and water.


If you want to know how it works, you can think about chlorine. They are both powerful oxidants and they all have the same benefits. Some of these benefits include oxidation and disinfection of metals. However, ozone works faster and does not leave any chemical residues in the water.


The only glitch about ozone is that it can be inhaled by people, so it can not be used in the living room where people sleep. If you plan to use ozone-containing water for household purposes, it is recommended that you use an appropriate ozone water filter.


Ozone is corrosive, so when you do not install a corrosion-resistant pressure vessel, it is not recommended to use it. For copper pipes, galvanized pipes and pumps-systems that may be greatly affected by ozone corrosive elements, it is not an ideal choice to clean them with ozone water. However, ozone is very convenient in handling odors.



kill bacteria

What Ozone  can Do:

Ozone has many useful functions.

1) It can eliminate odor, chlorine, iron and bacteria in the purified drinking water.

2) It can disinfect kitchen counters and other surfaces by killing bacteria and removing odors.

3) It can kill bacteria in the mouth. Using ozone water as the mouthwash, it can treat oral infections.

4) It can clean food. After cleaning with ozone water, food such as fish, meat, vegetables and poultry can be free of bacteria and pathogens.

5) It can remove peculiar smell in clothes. Using ozone water to clean clothes can completely eliminate peculiar smell. In addition, it has a purifying effect and will also eliminate and reduce the need for bleach and detergent.


You can use some equipment to purify the water and air in your home with ozone. For example, you can use ozone water sterilizers to treat the water directly. The ozone water purifier can be installed directly on the faucet so that you can easily treat the water. There are other designed ozone water treatment device, which can be used not only for residential water, but also for the industry sewage treatment.


The recommended product is Nicoler ozone device. The device has the function of treating water, and it also includes a negative ion generator for treating air. If there are enough negative ions in the air, it helps treat people with asthma and allergies. Most importantly, breathing in this healthy air will also improve mood, because it will increase the level of serotonin in the blood. Researchers concluded that negative ions can promote happiness.


In addition to the ozone device, Nicoler ozone water disinfectants also provide many benefits. As long as you use it correctly as recommended, you can enjoy incredible benefits in disinfecting and eliminating odors. In summary, ozone can also help you and your family have a healthier life. If you want to know more about ozone, please contact us: https://www.nbnicoler.com/ 

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